Friday, May 22, 2009

High Temperature Grease

Thurday, May 21, 2009, at 2:30AM, I want to change the grease on the driven pulley part of my scooter.

The grease that I used is not an ordinary grease, because it has to be stand on a very high heat and corrotion. And that is High Temperature Grease.

Why should I use the high temp grease? Because, the heat that transfered from the engine combustion, the friction of the gearbox and the friction from the cvt it selves is very high. Beside, sometimes water got through into the cvt, so the grease should stand on the corrotion too.

This grease is made from a lithium complex, and that is synthetic grease.

Lets begin the work.

First, loosen and remove the two screws signed with a white arrow with a medium plus (+) srewdriver. Then, remove the black plastic part to safe place.

Second, remove the two bolts signed with a red arrow with a 8mm socket or 8mm T-socket. Remove the 8 bolts signed with a white arrow with a 8mm socket or 8mm T-socket. Then remove the cvt cap to the safe place.

Here is the picture inside the cvt.

Third, remove the nut that hold the front/drive pulley with a 17mm impact wrench or with a 17mm socket and a universal holder if you don't have the impact wrench.

Fourth, remove the nut that hold rear/driven pulley with a 17mm impact wrench or with a 17mm socket and a universal holder.

Fifth, disassemble the front and rear pulley together.

The part that I should replace the grease is the rear/driven pulley especially on the secondary sheave. Before that, I check the clutch.

There no weird condition on the clutch, seems the clutch work very good so I can move on to change the grease.

Dissamble the clutch with a clutch special tools.

Oh almost forgot, from now on I don't give any picture, cause my hand is dirty with dust and grease. So I can not take any picture with my situation from now on.

Here is the continuation of the work:
- Remove the clutch spring seat.
- Remove the sheave cover with a medium minus (-) screwdriver.
- Remove the three push pin with the minus srewdriver.
- Remove the secondary sheave.
- Clean all the grease inside and outside the sheave
- Clean all the grease on the secondary sheave.
- Give a brand new high temp grease onto both of the sheave

Done with it, now put everything up together step by step backward. And don't forget to give a little amount of the grease onto the countershaft.