Thursday, February 19, 2009

Safety Shoe

Saturday, February 14, 2009, I ride with my wife to the shoe store, I need to buy a new safety shoe to replace mine that almost broken.

After look around a bit, my eyes stop on one shoe.

That is Kings Safety Shoes. This shoe meet on my standar criteria, that is:
- Waterproof
- High enough if I use on a rain, that water can't get inside from the top if I wear a rain coat
- Has a steel cap, that protect my finger

The store gave me a discount, about 25%. Great, this will save my money from a high expense.

OK, here it is. The shoe is King Safety Shoes KWD805X

Kings made this shoe with a high standard, like:
- Oil resistant Sole
- Antistatic, etc

The look of this shoe (or may be a boot) just like a hard work shoe. But don't mind with that, as long as my feet is safe, I don't care about it.

"No Steel Midsole" mean this shoe doesn't have a steel protector on the bottom of the sole.

First impression of this shoe is, "Its heavy and kinda difficult to walk". Same impression when first I wear my old shoe, may be after couple of day, I will get use to it.

Lets try on my scooter.

Run the scooter slowly and step the shoe onto the deck. HEY!!! It's weird, no it's very soft and a little bit bouncy when I first put my feet on the deck.

I love this shoe sole but I don't like the weight.