Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hybrid System

After successful migrating into full DC system, theres is something wrong with my scooter. The battery loosing its power slowly! I must do something quick to make the battery work like before.

I tried to count electricity consume by the lighting system.
6 bulb 3.4W
1 bulb 12W/12W (brake lamp)
2 bulb 18W/18W (head lamp)
The total when it on is 80.4W = 80.4W / 12V = 6.7Ampere

Ups, this is to much for the battery, I must migrating some of it back into AC system. The Head light is the biggest battery consume, so I must migrating it as soon as possible. But only the head light not the other, because the brake lamp and the rest is sharing one switch.

Cut on there and plug in here, etc. Finished with that, I turn the key on and switch on the light. First is the twilight lamp. Yes, it turn on without the engine have to turn on, and now the head lamp. Move the switch slider again, to make the head lamp turn on, but it won’t turn on. Now I turn the engine on, and yeah, the head lamp is on.

Horay… the hybrid system is worked…!!!

This is the result, after I’m using 6 luxeon on my scooter:

And this is the speed indicator: