Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go Green with Asbestos Free

After a long search, I found such a good product to replace my brake pad. Asbestos free made from a carbon, make this pad very special. It claims that this pad is work great on a wet and dry condition, and stands the heat better than the stock. And something that makes me so curious about this pad is; it cost far lower than the stock, about half the price.

Let us prepare the tools needed to plug the pad into the braking system.

1. Big sized minus (-) screwdriver
2. 12mm socket
3. 5mm hex socket

Remove the two bolts that stick the caliper onto the shock absorber with 12mm socket.

Now remove the two bolts that hold the pad with 5mm hex.

After that, remove the pad. Now I tried to clean the pad and compare with the carbon pad. This is the original pad:

This is the carbon pad:

And this is the surface of both pad:

Left one is the stock and the right one is the carbon pad. As you can see the quality of the carbon pad is good enough.

The distributor offer a replacement if the pad washed-up before six month or 15,000km. And he claims that this pad is not abrasive.

After everything is setup, on later day I try it performance. Oh no, I can stop my scooter properly, my scooter can not stop! What happen, did this pad is bad or what? I check my disc brake, and I saw something weird. The pad isn’t full contacting with the disc; signed with a dark Grey mark on the disc surface.

OK, lets wait a couple of day and see it performance, is it going better or not. After a week, my braking system is improving, but it still lacks of braking power, I need more. I check again the disc surface, now I’m so amaze that this pad still isn’t full contacting!

I should wait a little longer and be patient with the road condition.

After a long wait (almost 3 weeks), the pad indicate its true performance. The braking system is good enough, better than the stock. I can use late braking without worries. And it’s true that after using 5 month, the disc is still in good shape and smooth condition. But the side effect of this pad is, it make the disc become a dark Grey not shiny.