Tuesday, July 03, 2012

New Rear Cushion

Sunday, June 24, 2012, I decided to replace my scooter rear cushion. It's been 5 years and 100K kilometer already. The tools needed to replace the cushion is:
- 10" socket
- 12" wrench
- 14" wrench
- Screwdriver (+)
- Hammer

First thing you have to remove the bolt and screw that hold the baggage with 10" socket and a screwdriver. After you remove the baggage, you will see your cushion.

Using 14" wrench and a hammer, you can untight the bolt with a method like this: (but don't remove the bolt, just untighten it a little)

Now you go to the bottom cushion, and remove the bolt with 12" wrench. Then you can remove the top bolt after you remove the bottom bolt.

Here is some picture of the cushion:

Now replace it with the brand new cushion with a backward method.

Don't forget to adjust the spring level to the setting you desire with a screwdriver. Just plug the screwdriver to the hole and push it. I choose the hardest level.