Monday, November 13, 2006

Techno will launch at January 2007

November 12th, 2006, I drive my scooter to JMS (Jakarta Motorcycle Show). I pay the ticket and enter the exibition. My target is only Kymco stand, because I don't have much time. I must hurry and get info as much as I can. After I stand at the front of the kymco stand, suddendly my eye's keep looking at one scooter that keep in the corner. The name was "TECHNO 150 GT".

Wow this scooter amazing, seeing this scooter can not make my eye's to turn to another type.

First I go to the front look and get the picture of it. I admired of it design, it is very modern scooter design, it aerodynamic. I keep looking and see.

Look at the headlight position, cool isn't it. I like it, because it is just like my scooter right now, very exclusive indeed. Not like other brand that put the headlight at the handle bar.

Let's have a look at the handle bar.

Sorry I can not have a good picture of it, because I can not jump in to have a close look. Take close look of the left handle panel. They has design this machine is soo thorough. Rounded like a playstation stick, hehehe, but you can not play like a playstation. You will get caught by the police. And the speedometer is cool too, like a diamond.

And now the deck.

Hehe, this is Kymco like I know. They had put their brand name and logo everywhere. But this is the first time I know that they put it on the floor deck. The design is nice too, like a batman.

Let's move on to the rear.

Techno 150 GT or Techno GT 150 exactly ? Don't know which is correct??? Heck with it. The rear suspension is using gas suspension, it should be more soft rebound than other type. Damn, I should buy this scooter as soon as possible after I have the money. But wait a second, This machine is still using drum brake. Why they do not put disc brake on the rear? Hem, may be they already calculate it that using drum brake is still safe for the rider. May be I should look back on the front disc, how large is it.

Yeah it is big enough for the front disc, may be it about 220mm on the diameter. This should be enough to stop this machine compared to the wheels diameter. It using 120/70-12 on the front.

The most amazing on this machine is the tail.

This machine using led system on the rear light. Brake and turning light both using led system. This will be the first scooter using full led system on the light. I push the seat, yup, it will be comfort enough riding this machine, not too hard and not too soft. But it is softer than other brand.

I must buy this machine, forget it about GrandDink 250 HID, lets focus on this machine. The marketing team said that this machine will launch on January 2007. I know that this machine will be the favorite among kymco rider. Lets wait and see the future of it.